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Sunday, June 2, 2013

AKA Road Trip: Bardstown Sights

Day Two of our adventure started with breakfast out, then a drive around town. 
I’m not sure who voted it “the most beautiful small town”, but it certainly is lovely.  
We had our breakfast at “Mammy’s Kitchen”.  It’s named to honor the owner’s two grandmothers.  It was decorated with all sorts of cute signs and artwork.  I especially liked the granny looking thru the screen door.
We took an after-breakfast stroll to look in the shop windows.
MY prince!
The buildings are very nicely maintained.  Love this color combo!
The upper level windows are fun too.
The courthouse in the town square.
Courthouse bell tower.
Even the alleyways are pretty.
As we drove out, Himself spotted a Farmer’s Market. 
ALWAYS have to stop at a Farmer’s Market!  You never know what you’ll find at one.
A future birdhouse?  
Or strawberries and lettuce picked a few hours ago (with the dirty knees to prove it!). 
And we looked at a few lovely houses as we drove back to the motel to pack up for getting on the road again.
We decided that we’ll be back to Bardstown as there was so much more we wanted to see.

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