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Thursday, June 27, 2013

AKA Road Trip: Boating in a Cave

After the ‘Vet museum, we had one final Kentucky adventure before are wheels were firmly pointed back to The Sticks.
As the day warmed up, our next stop became even more inviting.  We were visiting the “Lost River Cave” ( )  It is the only boat cave tour in Kentucky.
After a bit of a walk downhill along a paved path, we arrived at the cave entrance.  Just to the left of that small building is a large dance floor.  In the ‘30s some dude came up with the great idea of having the only ‘air conditioned’ dance club in Bowling Green.  Cavern Night Club was a hit.
(From here on, please excuse the quality of the photos.  Caves are dark and auto-focus has a hard time finding anything to focus on.  All the light I had was the exhibit lights and the spot light carried by our guide.)
Heading on down, one comes to the ‘dock’ where you board your boat.  (Photo taken as we pulled away.)
The boat. 
First obstacle… “Wishing Rock”.  It is a very low are of the ceiling that one must duck WAAAAY down in the boat to avoid bashing one’s head.  (IE – wishing you’d ducked lower).  Uf-da!! 
I took a few photos during the 20-ish minutes we were on the cave tour.
There were some nice formations.  Because of the openness of the cave and the river flowing thru it, the cave wasn’t as cool as we’d expected.  It was probably around 60*.  We didn’t put on our jackets. 
Supposedly, Jesse James hid in this cave after he robbed the bank at Russellville, KY.  Our guide quipped, “A friend and I figured up all the times Jesse James was supposed to have hidden in caves.  If they were true that man would have never seen the light of day!!”
One of the “blue holes” where the river comes to the surface. 
Here’s one of the residents of the park… watching the tourists watch him.  I’d never seen a white squirrel before.  Kind of a cute little tree rat…

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