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Friday, June 7, 2013


When we moved into our home in the summer of ’08, we had to replace the stove.  I bought a new Maytag Gemini dual oven stove.  Overall it’s been fine, tho it has its share of quirks that should not have been there considering what we paid for it.  Things like the oven thermostat has never been accurate and the ‘hot’ light on the stovetop sometimes won’t turn off unless you give a smack to the stovetop in just a certain place. 
Nothing really major that we knew about.
A word of warning…
Do NOT drop something heavy on your stovetop!
It was very ugly.  Tiny sharp glass shards EVERYWHERE!  -sigh-
So we called the repairman and gave him the info of make, model, etc.  Then we covered the shardy glass with duct tape.  A few days later the repairman called and said the stove top was in from the manufacturer.  He came out the next morning to install it…
…and found out they had sent the wrong stovetop!  -huge sigh-
So he called and ordered another one.
However, he had first removed the old stovetop and found something really, really scary underneath.  When the stovetop was made, they placed one of the connector plugs directly UNDER the burner.
It had almost melted through!  Oh my goodness!!  There could have been an electrical fire when it finally melted all the way!!! 
A few days later he called again.  The new top came in and was correct…and badly damaged in shipping.  And the news got worse.
Whirlpool now owns Maytag brand.  And Whirlpool doesn’t keep up much replacement stock for the Maytag appliances they sell.  There were NO more stovetops available until the factory made some more. 
And that was going to take about a month…
Now that is just kind of disconcerting when parts for a fairly new appliance you own are that scarce.  And the carelessness in putting it together is just scary.
We bought a hot plate so we could cook at least one thing at a time.  And I did have my electric skillet.  Not a whole lot of cooking went on in May.  Fortunately, we did spend a week in MO and four days on our vacation where I didn’t need to cook.
But it was a long month.
When we came home from our trip, it was in.  It was not broken.  And it was installed the next day!
And I’ve been a cooking fool for the last few days!!!

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  1. Yikes! Although the broken glass is an inconvenience, it allowed you to find the dangerous wiring lurking underneath.

    Looks like no stovetop cooking in your near future :-)


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