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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Man's Best Friend...

I’ve mentioned before that we do a lot of bird feeding.  We’ve started feeding off the deck rail this winter as it gives us a great view as we enjoy our morning cuppa.  We have about 10 different kinds of birds drop in at The Sticks Café. 
Himself will go out with the container of food and give a special whistle. And from the sycamore we’ll hear “grub, grub, grub”.
And this pretty boy comes swooping in!  He’s a Red Bellied Woodpecker…or as they are known locally, a Red-Crested Woodpecker. 
We call him “Cresty”. 
He’s quite spoiled.  He brings his wife to the buffet too.  He has a different call for her.
If we’re slow to get the food out, he’ll sit on the rail and stare at the window as tho to say, “Hey!  Service is getting a bit slow around here!” 
Himself saves ‘the good stuff’ for his buddy.
Lately tho, there’s been a bit of competition on the ol’ feeder rail.  A Blue Jay has moved into the neighborhood and ol’ Cresty is jealous.
For a Jay he is well mannered.  I’ve never seen him start a fight…but he horks down the seed like a blizzard is coming.  And that ticks off the other birds.
It amuses us tho…

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