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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Project: Organizing the Master Closet

One of my accomplishments of my summer organizing is my bedroom closet.  No, I don’t have one of those ‘beautiful’ closets but it is an organized closet! 

I pulled out every single piece of my clothing and tried them on.  I was happy to see most fit well.  I culled out a few that I just haven’t been wearing because deep down I didn’t really like them.  You know… the ones you put on and look at yourself in the mirror… and DON’T smile.  Into the Goodwill bag they went.  I also looked for stains that had gotten past me (off to the laundry basket) and those needing mending (into the fix-it basket). 

(Himself’s clothes I just neatened.  He can deal with it when he gets home!)

Had a bit of fun when I put things back.  I arranged them ‘prismatically’!  And made a discovery.  I have WAY too many black shirts!!  Egad!! 
On the top shelf I added to my storage bins.  In one I have my fun/specific purses (ones I don’t use for everyday).  The second has sweaters.  The third has my heavy ‘warmies’. 

On either side of the bins are Himself’s and my sweats…for working and working out. 

Dresses and jacket/sweaters/scarves were neatened up too.

This dresser was my great-grandmother’s.  It fit into this space perfectly to give me some extra storage.  The top has some of my jewelry.  The bracelet holder is a letter rack Himself brought back from Honduras. 
Top drawer –mainly my jewelry.  But I also keep things like buttons and embellishments that came with new clothing, jewelry cleaner, etc.  The ‘dresser scarf’ is a piece of fabric I got in Guatemala. 
Second drawer – night clothes.  This drawer was culled with a heavy hand!  Ratty stuff…be gone!  Don’t care how comfy you are, I have nice stuff that is comfy too!  Having things folded vertically really saves space.  I’ve used this method on my dresser drawers for about a year and love it.
Third drawer – purses and wallets I use regularly.  (I’m missing a few!  :-{  Wonder where they are??) 
And the bottom drawer – house shoes and warmie socks. 
Shoes were neatened up.  Off season shoes went into some wooden crates in the bedroom.  I’m going to add to the shelves a bit later when I can get to the shelf pieces I have in the shed (which will be after my studio is done and the stuff going back in there is emptied from the shed.  The domino effect…).

I’m happy with it.  Organized and easy to get to…and no clutter either!

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