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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Plans Week 2

Week 1 of my summer plans went very well.  The master bedroom is now organized.  I even have some unused space!  The front entry way is looking much better and the deck is spruced up.  Had to regroup on the studio.  The frame shelf is going to take two sets of hands to build.  So later in the summer I'll have a friend come over and help me get it done.  Until then... the frame things will be stored in the garage. 

Time to focus on a new week of projects!

The room of the week for organizing is an easy one.  It’s Himself’s office.  Which means I won’t be doing all that much.  But I will give it a good neatening and put away a bunch of bins from a project he was working on.  (I told him not to worry about putting them away before he left). 

I have two yard projects; one in the front of the house and one in the back.  That way I can work on the west side in the morning while it’s shaded by the house and the east side in the evening while it’s in house shade. 

1) Weeding (they’ve really taken over!), putting in ground cloth, and putting on rock mulch of HALF the area along our front sidewalk. 

2) Beautifying the area around the AC unit. 

And it’s Paint Week in my studio!  I had a tremendous amount of leftover paint from the LR and kitchen, so that is what I’m going to use.  I like the color for down there, so it’s all good!  I’m also going to put shelves along one wall and start loading them with my creative supplies.

So another busy week is lined up.  There will be more creative projects that I’ll have up on my Friday blog post and I have an outing with some girlfriends on Thursday. 

Fun stuff! 

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