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Monday, June 3, 2013


On one of our recent visits to Missouri, my Dad took us all out for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.  The kids love Asian food, so they were excited to go.  (Please excuse the low quality photos.  I didn’t want to use the flash and annoy the other diners.)
The flamboyance of the ‘chef’ fascinated them.  Until…
…it was FLAME ON time!  If Little Hoss hadn’t been in a high chair he’d made record time getting to the front door.
They are whizzes at using their ‘training wheels’ chopsticks. 
Little Bird wanted me to show her how to do it without the ‘training wheels’.  It will be a while before she can manage that.  Among other things, the chopsticks are just too large for her little hand.  But I’m sure she will be brilliant at it someday.
I wonder… do they make kid-sized chopsticks? 

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