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Monday, June 24, 2013

AKA Road Trip: Corvette Museum

On the final day of our ‘adventures in Kentucky Americana’ we were heading towards home.  But that doesn’t mean the adventure was over. 
Next stop…
The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.  (As you enter the museum they have a ‘green screen’ set-up for souvenir photographs.  They said this Corvette was the same as one in Transformers 2.)
Let the Corvette overload begin!
This gives you an idea how big the buildings are!  It’s over 115,000 sq. feet.  It’s a lot of walking.
Everything was a Corvette theme.  Everything…
Full of Corvette dreams.  (Don’t think so Babe…)
The car that started it all. 
I found this bit of trivia interesting.
TWO ’57 Vets!  (My favorite is on the right!)
Another very good year – 1962!
There were great mock-ups all over the museum. 
They had a lot about the racing aspect of Corvette.
One area was dedicated to experimental ‘Vets.  This is where the engineers had fun!
Not sure what this area is called.  It’s the ‘cone’ you can see from outside.  Seems it houses Corvettes that have been loaned to the museum.
Makes for a pretty cool display.
OK, if I were to have a ‘Vet it would have to be a lot like this one! 
It was rigged to drive the Alaskan Highway!  All 1138 gravelly, muddy miles of it. 
After several hours of looking at beautiful cars with “Do Not Touch” signs, we came to the ONE car you could touch… and even get into.
Himself is definitely NOT get one of these speed machines!
However, I think it looks pretty good on me…
Besides all the ‘grown-up’ displays, there was an area just for the little ones.  I bet Little Hoss would have a blast in there!
After our tour we decided to have lunch at the “Corvette Café”.  Looked cute… a ‘50s diner style.  But looks aren’t everything. 
I was very disappointed with my meal.  This is my “Patty Melt”.  That is a sandwich…not a melt.  Himself ordered one too.  It was supposed to come with grilled onions… but they had no onions.  Then they tried to charge us for what they offered to sub for the onions they didn’t have. 
Then when they finally got them out… they had decided to sprinkle the sandwich with Durkee fried onions.  Seriously people?
I sent mine back (I can’t eat onions and had ordered my non-existent grilled onions on the side so Himself could have them).  And this burned up pitiful little burger is what they sent out.  That and a ‘fruit cup’ (5 pieces of pineapple and cantaloupe in a condiment cup) cost $7.  ( I will give you that one of the waitresses gave us each a brownie as an apology for the meal).
My advice:  See the museum and eat at McDonalds!

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