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Thursday, June 20, 2013

AKA Road Trip: Sunday Drive

After our Jurassic adventure, we were both hungry enough to eat a pterodactyl!  But we settled for another bit of Kentucky Americana…
… Kentucky Fried Chicken!  (You know, I’ve been by Corbin, KY – where the Colonel had his first restaurant - several times but have never stopped in.  I will have to fix that situation!)
For dessert we stopped at a fudge shop.  KENTUCKY fudge, of course!  Their bourbon fudge was better than we had up in Bardstown.  And they ship!  Oh no!  LOL
One down the road was a bit of pure Americana… the tourist trap souvenir shop!  I’ll have to admit tho; ‘Big Mike’ had some interesting stuff among the kitsch. 
Like his very own photo-op mosasaur. 
Glass slag is a staple of road side rock shops.  Big pieces…
…and small.  A lot of folks put them in aquariums.  
And there is always the roadside concrete yard.  This is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
Will it fit in Little Red?
We eventually made our way down to the town of Smiths Grove for some antiquing. 
At this shop we hit the jackpot.  Pony Express Antiques has a nice variety of items at good prices.
Cute stuff!  And the owner Bobbie is a fun person to chat with.
After a bit of shopping we headed home thru the Kentucky countryside.
Saw sights we expected, like rolling fields…
…and one we didn’t expect!  Good grief!  What happened to that?  It wasn’t being dismantled, it had collapsed.  Wow.
We attended evening church service at Cave City Baptist Church; a very warm and welcoming congregation. 
Then we headed out for supper.  Not from Kentucky, but good ol’ Americana anyway.  A&W root beer and burgers!
A tasty wrap-up to our third day of adventuring.  One more day to go…

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