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Friday, June 14, 2013

Creative Friday - 14 June '13

Now that my routine has slowed down for the summer I have more time for fun creative endeavors.  I’ve missed working on the various “challenges” at the creative blogs I follow. 
This one was for the challenge at Word Art Wednesday, Psalms 127:4-5a. 
And this was for Artist’s Play Room, where the challenge was “bizarre”.  I’m not into ‘bizarre’ unless you’re talking a shopping ‘bazaar’. 
Besides the regular challenges, I’ve found a couple fun just-for-summer challenges.
The first one is ICAD: Index Card A Day.  The challenge is to create SOMETHING on an index card every day of June and July.  It can be doodling, art, mixed media, writing, quotes … anything that fits on an index card.  There are optional themes and prompts if you get stuck but you can do your own thing.
These are my first week of cards.  I’m having a lot of fun with these and have started carrying some cards in my purse so if I have to wait somewhere… I do a card. 
Second challenge is SOC:  Summer of Color.  The challenge is to use the two colors of the week to create anything you’d like as long as it uses those colors.  It could be a painting, something knitted, jewelry, sculpture… anything with the colors.  Fun! 
And of course I’ll be working on some things I come up with myself!

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