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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dogwoods and Strawberry Wine

Did you know that May is National Photo Month?  Now you have a reason to spend some time with your camera!  

A few weeks ago I visited a friend who owns a beautiful Federal style post-antebellum home.  She invited us out to take some photos of the dogwood blooming in her yard. 

I jumped on that offer!

You get that “Welcome” feeling as you walk up to the back door.

I love the chippy paint.  This home wears her age well.

The front of the house has this lovely statue in what was the center of the drive.  

A perfect dogwood.

Looking up to a balcony.

You know it is spring when the dogwood bloom.

She has a few of these dark pink in the back yard.  

OK… so it isn’t dogwood.  But isn’t it pretty just the same?

BTW, my friend’s house was used in a country music video for Deana Carter’s song “Strawberry Wine”.  It was made shortly after they moved there… before the renovations were started.

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