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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day At the TN State Fair (Part 1)

 Tuesday was Himself and my 33rd wedding anniversary.  We always like to get out and do something fun together on that day.  This year we decided it would be fun to go to the state fair.  And... BONUS... it was 'seniors' day and everyone 50 (!!!) and older got free admission and free parking.  If I can get $21 off, you can call me a senior anytime!

We used to come down every year for the fair and I even entered a lot of arts and crafts.  But we kind of drifted away from going.  Not really sure why because we enjoy it so much.  There is SO much to see that I'm breaking this up into several posts.

With my studio now in a stage to be used, I've decided it is time to start entering again in 2015.  

So let's check out my competition...

Photography had a lot of beautiful entries.  There's something like 12 classes, then double that because you have the option of B&W or color.  

BUT... you can only enter 4 photos total and only one per class.

There are a lot of different sewing categories.

And since learning to sew is one of my goals for this winter, I'll probably have a few things to enter here.

Rug making another class, with categories for braided, woven, hooked, and so on.  These rugs are all hooked.

There's several wood working classes too.

Loved this cute doll house (or perhaps I should say "rock shop") in the wood working class.  So clever how they used the small stones and fossils!

Jewelry making... check...

There's even a category for fairy gardens!

The fine arts were well represented too.  Isn't this pen & ink drawing fantastic?

There are several 'paper crafting' categories...

Scrapbook layouts

And cards.

There is food crafting too!

What would a fair be without canning...

...and baking?

I saw SO many different projects I would like to enter in next year!  This is going to be so much fun!

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