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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Going Green: Pass It On

As you know, I enjoy recycling, repurposing, and rehoming items rather than sending them to the landfill.  

One little thing I keep out of the dump is magazines.  Subscriptions are so expensive these days that it is just a shame to read and toss!  There are so many things to do with magazines.

Pass them on to a friend.  Better yet, have a swap with friends where you each take a different subscription and pass them round robin so everyone can read many magazines for the price of one.

Bring them to waiting rooms.  It is especially nice if you bring some ladies magazines to the auto shop and men's to doctor offices and hair stylists.  

Schools sometimes want magazines for projects.

Or you can send them to missionaries for them to have in their fellowship/recreation areas.  

I'm boxing these to send up to a missionary friend in Alaska.  All these and a few more fit in a large flat rate box.  Because of the weight make sure you tape it very heavily!!

Before you box them, make sure you clip off all the address labels.

Then pack away!  After getting the main stack in, I curled another stack over on itself (like 2 'U's that are interlocked).  This gets more in the space than just rolling them.  Then at the top I put small 'Guidepost' to fill that area.  This box it packed TIGHT.

And for $17.90 I will get about 50 good magazines off to folks who will look forward to reading them over and over.

What do you do with the magazines you finish?


  1. I don't subscribe to magazines, anymore. I have found that I can find most ideas online (except it's not as fun as leafing through a magazine) and I don't have to deal with getting rid of them after I am finished reading them. Of course, David still gets one that he has been getting for years, so when he is finished with them, he takes them to work and lets the guys take them home.

    1. There's just a few that I like to get now. Real Simple, Cooks Illustrated, Nat Geo Traveler are my main stays.

      I'll order some I like when the price gets super low... like Martha Stewart or Nat. Geo for $12 a year. I get free Christian magazines at church, plus Lowes and AAA/insurance/electric co./ etc. And Himself gets a free sub to Guideposts for being a retired vet.

      It adds up. AND Mom & Dad get mags that trickle down to me. LOL

  2. my hubby got cards for giving a donation. Every year same people. Cards. Finally we write the comapny to not send the cards. They can have he donation.

    No reply back. More Christmas cards. I gave them to the Special needs society many years ago they do art with them. Only you can only give so many. It is not even near Christmas. We got more. The stamps have gone way up. So I now send email cards and my neighbors. I walk them over. So just threw them in garbage. These organizations have just blown it. Now we will give money to our new Hospital. For the magazines. I have given them to dentist office and Drs offices and hairdressers. Now I have canceled them. There is no end.


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