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Friday, September 26, 2014

Little Bird and the Firefly

The summer that Little Bird turned three, she spent the evening at my parent's house while I was visiting.  It was one of those perfect summer nights... low humidity and a slight breeze.  Of course we were out on the deck enjoying it.

The fireflies were out in mass.  Little Bird was fascinated with the flashing lights all over the yard.  So I went out and caught one, putting it in a jar so she could look at it closely.  Well, a firefly in a jar is much more interesting than a bunch of them in the yard.  

After about an hour or so it was time to go back inside.  She wanted to bring the jar in and was rather put out when we told her it was time to let him loose.  No way did she want to lose this prize!

This was a time period where she was very concerned about the 'status' of where her mommy was... and that everyone else was with their mommy too.  So I tried telling her, "We need to let him go so he can be with his mommy.  She's waiting for him and so lonesome."

She cocked her head and gave this one some thought.  I could see it was getting to her.  I was rather smug that I had figured out how to let the bug go without any more fight.

Until she said, "Then catch his mommy!"

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