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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On The Rocks

Remember a few days ago I talked about those sometimes silly "National Day of..." holidays?  Well, today is one of those days. 

It is "Collect Rocks Day"!

That's a day I celebrate regularly.  Remember, I'm the person who brought back 48 pounds of rocks from Scotland!  (Just a FEW of those rocks!)

And who knows how many pounds of rocks Himself has brought back from Alaska for me.

We raid the ND rock piles of family and friends... as they laugh and shake their heads!

We take trips to places just for collecting rocks like this quartz mine in Arkansas.

Roadside stops are a regular thing.

We never pass up a good rock yard either!  This one close to Nashville is a favorite.

Did you know there are rock shows?

Vacations have centered on visiting rocks too...

Elephant Rocks, MO.

Stone Mountain, GA

And when all else fails...

... I can take pictures of rocks.

Yes... I love rocks!

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