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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

State Fair: Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner?? (Part 4)

My favorite area... the chickens!

There were some seriously beautiful birds being shown.

"Rhode Island Red - Rose Comb - Clean Leg - Pullet"

Something 'double comb'.

"Sussex - Speckled - Single Comb - Clean leg - Hen"

Oprineton - black - single comb - clean leg - hen"

"Old English Game - Black Tailed Buff - Game Bantam - Cock"

??? Bantam Cock

"Old English Game - Self Blue - Game Bantam - Cock"

"Old English Game - Lemon Blue - Game Bantam - Cock"

"Old English Game - Crele - Game Bantam - Cock"

"Cochin - Silver Lace - A??tic - Cock"

"Old English Game - Black Breasted Re Other Std Breeds - Cock"

"Sebright - Golden - Rose Comb - clean leg - Hen"

"Rose Comb - Black - Clean leg - cock"

And here she is...

 Miss America chicken...

"Crowns" for a pretty chick!

Isn't she lovely?

What a beautiful blond.

Some of the competition wasn't quite so lovely...

My what long legs you have!  That's not much of a drum stick!

"Modern Game - Birchen - Modern Game Bantam - Cock"

Having a bad (or good?) feather day?

"Bearded Polish"

And some...well...ahhhh...

"Naked Neck"

And could these goof balls be cousins?

Nah... they are Guinea Fowl.

There were other poultry being shown too.

Brown Call Duck

Duck, duck, GOOSE!

Have no idea what sort of pigeons these are.  If you want to see some strange looking birds, just Google "fancy pigeons".

I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the beautiful feathers.

Amazing, yes?

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