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Monday, September 8, 2014

Compassion Reigns

This last Thursday I received an email asking if Himself and I would be interested in working a table for Compassion International at a local event.

Well yeah!

We will work just about any Compassion event but it is bonus when we don't need to drive all the way down to Nashville.

The concert was a small venue so it was just the two of us working.  We've done a lot of concerts so we did a quick 'look over' of the table and were ready to go.  We both have Compassion T-shirts because it makes it so much easier to get into a venue, plus we are recognizable if someone has a question.  The other piece of equipment Himself keeps on hand is a set of ear plugs as most of these concerts are LOUD.

The Compassion Artist was Matthew Smith.  He has a unique style of taking old hymns and putting them to new music.  Very nice music.  Himself didn't need those ear plugs at all.  In fact, I'll be ordering a few CDs off his site after I've had time to review which ones I want.

But the very best thing that happened was about the children of the Compassion program.

A small church, Christ Presbyterian ( ) 
  hosted the concert and it was mainly its members who attended.  There were about 80-90 adults there.  

Sixteen children were sponsored!

OK, at first glance that doesn't sound all that fantastic.  But figure the percentage of children sponsored for the number of attendees.  It's 18-20%!  Bravo to the very mission minded members of this church!

I've never worked any event with that sort of sponsorship percentages.  I wish it happened every time...

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