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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keeping Clutter in Check: Office

This week's decluttering challenge at Mary Organizes is to declutter our office.  I'm not ready to fool with the 'office' area in my studio (more on that later) and I also stay out of Himself's office.  That's HIS issue!

So I turned my attention to my little area at the far end of our dining room table where I use my computer.  That really is truly my office area.  

I use these to keep my stuff from overwhelming the dining room.  

The top basket holds the index cards I use for notes in my current Bible studies.

The bottom has my study and reference books for both my Bible studies and my fun stuff creative books.  Those photo albums on the left are what I keep my index cards from past studies in.

The lidded basket holds supplies.

It was in pretty good shape so I just had to do a quick sort and I was done.

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