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Friday, September 19, 2014

State Fair: Get Informed! (Part 5)

Another fun thing about going to the fair are all the great demonstrations and educational displays.

At this booth the ladies were tatting (a form of lace making).  Some sweetheart in their group made a huge pile of tiny little owls, butterflies, and clovers to give away to the spectators who stopped by.

I picked up a cute little orange owl that I will do something with for my Little Bird.

There was a group demonstrating spinning...

...and weaving.

Not sure why the train was set up, but Little Hoss would have loved it!

Now this girl was going above and beyond in educating the public!

Why you might ask?  

Look under her...

That cutie is only a few hours old!

While his sibling hasn't yet made his arrival!

This display on the amount of sugar in canned drinks has put me off sodas for a while!  Nineteen teaspoons is a little more than a THIRD OF A CUP!!


There were also a several displays on upcycling and repurposing, with a special event being hosted by a very famous repurposer.  Mike Wolfe of the TV show "Antique Archeology" had a special event for kids to bring in something and they would be shown ways to repurpose it.

OK, so it felt good to be a 'kid' again being that we came in on a 'seniors' freebie day!

Car hood and parts into a BBQ grill.

Himself chilling out on a cool bench.  That would be SO easy to make.

This was a fun idea.

I wish she would have been doing the stamping making they advertised.  I would have done that but I wasn't interested in the tile coasters.

Here's a few other things she would explain how to make.

I was really pleased to see the emphasis on recycling and repurposing.

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