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Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Passel of Tassels

I'm working along in my studio, getting everything organized so I can start having some fun.  It is coming together enough that I can actually start thinking about decorating.

And my one thought on style of decor is "Boho".

And so I have started making tassels.  This large fabric tassel is my first of many (many, many, many) that I will be creating.

It's very simply constructed.  Torn fabric strips that are mainly from leftover fabric from the kids birthday banners (can you see the 'John Deere' peeking out?).  I started with a button on a long-ish piece of embroidery floss and threaded on the fabric strips and some ribbon pieces.  I bound it with a strip of fabric that tore out very thin.  The leftover floss was looped to make the hanger.  Done!

It was so easy that I could do it while shooing Persia off.  She decided that it would make a perfect new play toy.  

Ummmm... No.

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