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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Travel Theme: Land Meets Water...

This week for Travel Theme Ailsa asks where is our favorite place 'where land meets water',

So easy... SCOTLAND!

From our first day there to leaving a month later, land met sea over and over.  Each time was absolutely beautiful.

Colonsay Island - home to my McPhee ancestors.  This 'raised beach' was the view from our B&B breakfast table.


Harris Island - home of the famous Harris Tweed.

Lewis Island

Did you see "Brave"?  This is where the 'standing stones' are located.

At Durness... way north on the main land.  It was a wild and beautiful day of gales and rainbows.

Tiny Crivie on the east side of Scotland.

Our last days in Scotland were spent in this seaside cottage in Port Williams, Gallway... home of my Hanna ancestors.  Sunshine and gales both were here.

We walked along so many beaches during our month in Scotland.

None of them disappointed.

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