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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Persia: The Terror of Tennessee

Hi... I'm Persia.  Even tho Mom and Dad got me from Sweet Faces Rescue, I've been trying to tell them that I am a FIERCE kitten.  I will take on lions and tigers and bed monsters!

I will stare them down with my best glare.

And I will stalk them...

...then I will pounce!

I have no fear!

My sharp saber teeth will triumph over all monsters!

And don't you forget it!!!


  1. Oh my, Teri!!! She is adorable! but is she REALLY a terror?? --- Penny

    1. SHE thinks she is. We get chased, pounced, jumped on, stalked and "threatened" constantly. That first photo of her all arched backed... she'll bounce down the hall like that going sideways. She loves it when we run.

      But actually she is the gentlest kitten I've been around... and that's something since we used to raise Ocicats. She has never taken her claws out even when she was mad (like getting her ears cleaned). Once we scoop her up, she is all purrs and cuddles. She is just a doodle!!

    2. Oh, forgot to mention. She 'talks' all of the time. LOL


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