Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tea Pot Sewing Kit

 I saw the cutest idea for a little tea pot sewing kit over at the blog "Sadie Seasongoods (  ).  She has a great tutorial on how to make it.

And I had just the tea pot to use!

 I love wisteria and the little blue bird just makes it perfect.  Since it's been sitting on the shelf not being used for tea, I decided to give it a new job in our home.

I brought up the few supplies I needed and got to work.

This is the only tricky part.  Unlike the blogger's tutorial, I did not glue the pin cushion into the lid.  The lip of the lid worked very well to hold it in place, with a bit of stuffing behind it.

Then I gathered some items for needed sewing jobs...

...and dropped them inside the tea pot.

Tea pot sewing kit and pin cushion.  Decorative and function.

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