Thursday, July 2, 2015

Transformed Into a Five Year Old!

June 23 has rolled around... and that means Little Hoss has a birthday.  5 years!  It really doesn't feel that long.

On his actual birthday Mom (his Grandma) made a delicious family meal... country fried steak with all the trimmings.  Then the following Saturday was his party.

He chose to have a 'Transformers' party this year.

So a Transformers banner was made.

Let me tell you... there are a LOT of Transformers out there; not just the ones from the first few movies (which is where my Transformers knowledge ends).  After a couple phone calls I had the A-list of the best ones.  ~wink~

Hoss loved it.  He rattled off the names and general dispositions of every one of them.

Sis found some fun plates and napkins.  (Those are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee... I do know those!  Don't know who's guarding the dinnerware tho.)

Here's the adult food.  Smoked turkey and roasted pork tender loin, with little Hawaiian dinner rolls to make sandwiches.  Plus a ramen slaw, a wild rice salad, and a avocado salad.

And here's the Birthday Boy's food choices... cheese and crackers, fruit plate, an Oreo cookie dessert, and chips...chips... and more chips.  Oh... forgot the Kalamata olives over on the other table.

And of course birthday cupcakes baked by Big J.

After stuffing ourselves it was time for presents!  The boy made a nice haul.

One of his gifts was a set of "Paw Patrol" backpack water blasters.

They work very well.

Our gift to him was a 'gravel pit' where he can play with his much loved construction equipment.

Busy boy!

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  1. He looks so happy! What a fabulous day!


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