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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Learning to Can at Salud!

The middle of last month I wrote about how I am planning on learning... and doing... some canning.  Well, I've made some progress towards that goal!

I was part of a canning class down at Whole Foods.  These jars were some goodies for us to sample and be inspired by.  They are:  dilled carrot pickles, green tomato chutney, Vidalia onion relish, and picked cherry tomatoes.

There were some books for us to look through also.  That "Preserving by the Pint" one looks really interesting to me.  Small batches sound like a good idea until I'm comfortable with the process.

Our instructor Lyn Deardorff.  Her web site is at:

The class started with a demo on how to can tomatoes.

It's a great idea since you can have vine ripe tomatoes in the middle of winter.

She also talked about pickled cherry tomatoes.  When I was in Russia in 1994, my host family had the BEST pickled dill tomatoes.  I'm going to try to duplicate them.

Then we did a big batch of Bread & Butter pickles.

One of the 'tricks' was to salt down the cucumbers to remove excess water.  It worked very well.

Next thing we canned was peach butter.

It was so easy.  Basically just season and cook down a long time.

That was it.

Now it's time to go out into the Amish areas and bring home some things to can!

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