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Saturday, July 18, 2015

In Trouble... * (Guest Post by Himself)

(* No kittens or humans were injured in the making of this blog post... but a certain kitten smells a whole lot better!)


Well, Teri and I are in trouble...

Unknown to us, we have been turned into one of those ‘animal protection agencies’ that investigate possible animal abuse and, if finding ‘probable cause or neglect’, charges can be filed.

Seems that there may be a possibility of just that. 

By whom?  

Persia herself.   This is whom we think ‘called the cops’ on us...  Reason?   First bath.

Look at that face.   If this gets out, our conviction is assured.  We’ll be goners.....

The crime scene itself ...    

Look at that foot.   Did you know that streams of water can be sliced into shreds?

 The above is just getting her wet enough to soap-up using a gentle shampoo.  Her previous owner said that she had never received a bath – and she is turning 5 months old.  When we raised Ocicats we gave them their first bath at 1 month, and then once every month thereafter.  By our current kitten’s age they were quite used to it. not.   (Ocicats have very oily fur so it was necessary.   Little Persia doesn’t but, after five was time.)   

Soaped up.    And, uh, less than happy...

Rinse time.   I was very careful to not get any water into her ears

Almost done.   By this time she had just given up. 

Used a big-ole beach towel to press in and sop off as much water as we could from her.  We keep our home rather cool and little Persia does not have much body fat to keep her warm – especially when she is wet.  Her solution?   I just assumed that after her ordeal was over she would hide under the bed for the next two hours all mad at me.   Nope!   As I laid back in my usual spot on the bed with my hands behind my head, she pressed her wet self snuggly into my left armpit.  Then proceeded to lick herself dry.  After an hour of this (as she got ready to walk off) she looked at me, purred a bit, and then if to say, “I’m now dry and fluffy again...and YOU are wet!”

I was...



  1. Ha! That is ONE wet kitty.

    Once, years ago, I was going out of town with a friend and her cat was tagging along. On the morning of our departure she gave the cat a bath, then decided to speed up the drying process by using her blow dryer. Ended up with scratches so bad we stopped at an urgent care center halfway to our destination to get them looked at.


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