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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travel Theme: Toy

 A Toy From Tyson

When we visited Kenya in 2011, one of the plans was to visit our sponsor children there.  I had a friend who also sponsored a Kenyan child.  I ended up becoming 'co-sponsor' and therefore could officially visit Tyson.

And what a visit it was!  My friend sent a stuff full backpack of gifts plus we bought food staples in-country.  We went to the family's home... a one room apartment that housed Tyson, his brother (who is the head of the household), wife, and little niece.  

The family was a bit overwhelmed with the gift we brought from my friend.  As we prepared to leave, Tyson grabbed his one toy and handed it to me... asking that I take it back to my friend 'to remember him by'.

She said she laughed and cried when she opened the box I'd mailed it in.

That is what sponsorship is about...

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