Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Travel Trinkets: A Basket Tote

My second trip outside the US was a day trip to Nuevo Larado, Mexico in 1995.

Himself had just graduated military paramedic school in San Antonio, TX and I decided to fly down for his graduation.  Then we could ride home together.  Sometime between deciding to go down and actually getting there, I decided that we needed to make a trip to Mexico.

So off we went!

You know, I don't really remember much about where we went in Nuevo Larado.  God blessed us with a really cool taxi driver who took us to a 'mercado' area and after showing us around a bit, offered to be back to pick us up in a few hours.

We had a blast exploring and shopping.  I did a lot of shopping.... a whole lot of shopping (Christmas was taken care of in that one trip!).  It seemed that most of the vendors did not have bags to carry your purchases either.  Poor Himself was having a tough time toting all of it for me.

So when I saw someone selling all sorts of baskets that his family was making right there, I quickly bargained for this one.  I think I paid a couple of dollars for it.  It's a nice size... about 12" high and about 15" wide at the top.  Except for a couple blankets, all my trinkets and gifts fit easily inside this newest trinket.  

True to his word, our taxi driver was at the designated place at the time, and dropped us off at the border control gate.  A quick visit with the officers and we were on our way back to San Antonio.

I've used this basket for many things through the years.  Currently it is my 'mending' basket.

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  1. Lovely! That is a lasting trinket and lovely memory. when I first started travelling I bought all sorts of things, a lot of it rubbish. Now I try and buy one small meaningful thing, if possible made in that country with a definite link to a person or a place. I try an d get something I know I will use or I know I have a place for.Thank you for taking part and sharing!

  2. I love collecting everyday things when I travel. Just seeing them in my home makes me smile and remember the places I have been and the people I have met.


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