Saturday, July 11, 2015

That Rattle Isn't for a Baby!

Monday I had a bit of cabin fever, so I told Himself when we went out on our errands that I wanted to drive around a bit.  Explore some new areas.

Halfway between Ashland City and Pleasant Hill we came upon a growing subdivision with some nice homes.  Driving around a bit we went down a very undeveloped road.  We've had a few thunderstorms lately and there was debris on the road... from branches to trunks!  None blocked the road, so we just jigged in and out around them.

Then one of the branches moved!

On my goodness!


Of course I hopped out of the car for some good shots!  He is so beautiful!

Most people don't know that rattlesnakes would rather run than fight.  The rattle is their way of saying... GO AWAY!

I stomped the ground a few times and he coiled up into the defensive posture just as I thought he would.  He wasn't overly alarmed, as his 'S' coil was very small (meaning a smaller striking range).  Put it this way... we were both being careful about each other!

Not a bad shot, eh?  Love that rattle of his standing straight up and shaking!

And no... I wasn't as close as it seems!

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