Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Thresherman's Show in Adams, TN

Friday Himself and I were up and out early to go to the 46th annual Thresherman's Show in Adams, TN (on the 3rd weekend of the month).  The gates opened at 8am and we were there shortly after.  

Why so early?

Because this is July in Tennessee.  The temperature got up to 94F with the heat (misery) index making it feel like a soggy 112F.  Saturday was even worse.

The tractors were still arriving as we walked around.

They were every where.

Every open spot was filled with tractors.

Red ones.

And orange ones.

And of course green ones.

You don't have to guess what brand this is.

This old tractor was called a "McCormick-Deering".

Hurray for the red, white, and blue!

I've never heard of a Gibson.

And what this is for is any one's guess!  (The owners weren't around to ask.)

This one was interesting...

Dad, better not let the kids see this!  They'll have their order in!

Then there were the monster tractors.  Coal fired and powerful.

There were three of them fired up.

Love this logo!

Coal smoke.

The gears needed to operate things like threshers...  

... and lumber saws.

Several people brought old autos to show off.  I love this truck emblem from 40s era Dodge truck.

There were lots and lots of engines of all sizes; from these small ones to one the size of a Mack truck.

This is truly an event for the guys.

You know... dude stuff.

But there was something before tractors...

The original 'horse' power!

Or in this case... mule power.

Now these are some beautiful mules.


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