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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Stylish Camera Strap

 I did a quick restyle on my camera strap the other day.  You see, I am sensitive to the rubbery/spongy side of a commercial strap.  Contact dermatitis in just a few minutes that takes days to go away!  Ugh.

So I decided it was past time to make a strap cover!

I had dug out some scarves for another project and this is one I really like.  I'm so glad that it didn't work for my first project!

It is a square scarf.  I started with a corner in the center of the camera strap and just started wrapping.  After each loop you'll have to adjust it a bit so it lays nicely.  Keep going until you have it completely wrapped.

I took some matching embroidery floss from my stash and made several wraps around the end to secure it.  I like the corners showing but you can just as easily tuck them up for a more finished look.

Finally I did some wraps at the center.  You could do wraps centered on each side but I like the looser flowing look that three tied areas give.

It is so very comfortable, plus you can change up the look quickly by wrapping another scarf right over the top for a fast change up.

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