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Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Hand Up: In Honor of Turdukan (Happy Birthday!)

Would you like to be an international philanthropist?  Do you like helping others improve their standard of living?  Do you believe in giving a hand up to those who can do nothing for you?

If yes, Kiva may be a way for you to make it happen for you.

Kiva is a micro-loan group that joins with lending institutions to make loans available to those who would otherwise not be able get a loan to improve their lives.

I make Kiva loans to widows and I selected a half dozen ladies from Kyrgyzstan that were on the lending list.  I then asked my sister-in-law to help me select one of the ladies for me to make my latest loan to. 

Today is my beautiful sister-in-law's birthday.  I made this loan in honor of her.

Meet Salamat...

"Salamat is 62 years old, a widow, and has four children. She is on a pension. As a source of income for her family, Salamat started working with livestock breeding in 2001. She started a business with an amount of 15,000 som (KGS), and today she has six cows and 15 sheep.

With an aim to further develop her business, she turned to the bank "Bai Tushum" for a loan in the amount of 150,000 som (KGS) to purchase sheep and hay. The income from the loan will allow Salamat to develop her business and increase the family's well-being.

A loan of $2,400 helps Salamat to purchase sheep and hay for her livestock, in order to increase her income.   81% funded, $450 to go."

If you are interested in loaning $25 towards Salamat's dream, click this link:

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