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Monday, August 17, 2015

Salsa Anyone?

I'm still working on my summer project of learning to can.  This time Himself and I took a canning class at Whole Foods (as opposed to volunteering/working).  Kinda nice being the student for a change, tho we were ribbed a bit by our volunteer worker peers for 'going the easy route'.  

Himself busy with the salsa.

Getting started with the batch.

And now it is finished!

We each loaded up jars of salsa for processing.

Getting the air bubbles out... not a good thing to have in a jar!

Our delicious finished product!

I feel confident enough now to do some canning on my own.  I wonder what looks good over at the Amish produce auction?

There are more great canning recipes at Lyn's site:

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  1. Good for you in beginning canning. I wish I hadn't given away my Pressure cooker and 36 boxes of jars when we moved here. But, I did.....and now haven't canned in years. :-(


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