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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sailing Against The Wind

Last week we had some thunderstorms roll through the area.  It was much stronger just across the border in Kentucky but we got some very decent winds and a bit of rain.

As I brought in some things from outside, I started thinking about a time we were in even stronger winds... like 50 MPH winds!

It was during our Panama Canal cruise in '08.  As we were coming up the Pacific side a warning was issued about the wind and being up on the deck.

So of course we went up to check it out!

The wind was so strong it was ripping the tops off the waves and lifting the resulting mist high up into the air.  So high that it was making rainbows everywhere!

The chopping sea was breaking against the ship and it really gave us a buffeting.  Up at the top of the photo you can see the 'mist' coming up.  That mist is called "spindrift".  

The deck hands were securing loose things like deck chairs as fast as they could.

And a net was put over the swimming pools to break the waves caused by the lurching ship.

Himself had to brace to be able to stand in it!

He nearly lost his glasses too.

I enjoyed having it blow directly into my face.  Kinda like the feeling of riding on a motorcycle... but no bugs!

This little girl was having a blast running into the wind.  It would actually lift her a tiny bit.

If you're wondering how high those spindrifts came up the boat, here is a picture of sea salt on the rail.  We were 10 stories up from the water line.

That's some wind!

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