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Friday, August 28, 2015

Little Bird's Equestrian Birthday Party

Little Bird turned SIX last week... then a few days later started kindergarten.

It's just NOT possible!

She's still horse crazy, so this year the theme was real horses.  Her bunting was blue ribbons stung along a silver ribbon.  

Each side of the center rosette (which read 'Little Bird' Is Six), was a rosette with her riding ponies. I bought up a few of my model horses for the decorating.

As usual, the birthday buffet was impressive.  

The savories.

The sweets.

After feasting (Big J made the BEST smoked turkey and pork tenderloin!), it was time for the presents.  Not a moment too soon was Little Bird's opinion on that.

She loves her cards.

Barbie AND a horse?  Score!

Auntie Teri and Uncle Himself gave her a Classic size Breyers horse.  (Her favorite colors are white and "Clydesdale".  LOL)

Then it was time for the cake... cupcake, that is!

Make a wish!

(I know that wish has hoof beats...)

As soon as she was done, it was time for a barn raising!

Auntie was enlisted to help.


Cruddy directions and a few too small pieces led to some frayed nerves.  Breyers... I expected more from you!

After the barn raising, we had a barn relocation... back to her bedroom.  Then it was time to look over what other horses we might just be in the market for.

Breyers Classic size model (white Selle Francais) and Traditional (bay Peruvian Paso).

Happy Birthday, my Not-So-Little Bird!

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