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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Get Your DIY On: Curtain Closet Doors

Whoever designed our home was clueless when it came to the size and placement of doors, especially those in the bedrooms for the closets.  Our second and third bedrooms are pretty darn small.  And with three foot double doors that swung out into the room, there was precious little usable space left.

It was only a matter of weeks after moving in that I pulled the two doors closet doors out of bedroom 3 (now Himself's office).  I installed shelves in the closet and left it open.

Fast-forward six-ish years...

I have finally gotten sick and tired of not being able to maneuver in the guest room while the closet doors open.  I had like 8 inches of space to the foot of the bed!  And when we have guests, there is just zero room for suitcases.

And in our bedroom, the wobbly bi-fold door was also getting on our last nerves.

Something had to give!

Those doors came down!

Now I had space...and views straight into the closets.  Ugh.  Since I'm not Martha Stewart with gorgeous artist closets, there is a very really need to hide the storage.  And on a shoestring budget since I have other places needing attention.

Solution One (Guest Bedroom):

Two flat twin sheets from WalMart.  Right around $5 each they have a lot of colors and some really cute patterns.  And one cream colored shower rod that I already owned.

I made a slit on either side of the top hem about an inch from the edge, just large enough for the rod to go through.

Voila!  Door curtains!

Solution Two (Master Bedroom):

About two years ago I picked up a single curtain panel at Dollar General (our go-to store out here in The Sticks for the "we're out of milk" situations).  When they clearance, they are serious.  I think I picked up up for $3 just for the fabric.  I put it away and just recently 'found' it while setting up my sewing area/fabric storage - it was the perfect colors.  And one spring expansion cafe curtain rod I already had (great things to keep around for all sorts of uses!).

Voila!  Door curtain!

Problems solved for about $13.  That makes my Scots blood happy.

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