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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Her Crowning Glory

The birthday crown I made Little Bird was fairly easy to do.  No sewing whatsoever!

I bought felt at Hobby Lobby and fusible interfacing (the type that sticks two fabrics together) at Hancock Fabric.  Sis measured Little Bird's head and I took 3 inches OFF that measurement for the length of the crown.  I think the bow looks prettiest against her hair.

I cut the fabric to that length and a bit more than the height I wanted for the top peak.  I then fused them together with the interfacing.  This gave me the thickness to make it stand up right.  A floppy crown is a sad thing!

The hardest part was figuring the proportions and heights.

I used some contractors paper to make the pattern.  Played around with it a bit to make up a pattern I like and that would work with the decorations.  Do make sure you figure in the height of the ribbon against the pattern.  This one is 2".

For patterns, look at coloring books or clip art.  If you can make layers, all the better.

I used the fusible interface on everything, even the ribbon.  A bit of ironing and it was done.

So easy!

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