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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's Sooooo Hot... in Dubai!

On our way to Kenya in 2006, we had a long layover in the United Arab Emirates.  I had a hotel booked and we were able to visit with some friends who were working there at the time.

I expected it to be hot... but the ferocity of the hot surprised me.  It was 'only' 98*F; in October.  What I had not counted on was the humidity.  Ugh.  And the sun had an intensity that I had not experienced before, not even in Death Valley.

Being outside required no small amount of fore-thought.

In the middle of the day, there didn't seem to be much going on.  It was HOT out there!

Some of the apartment dwellers took advantage of the heat to do some clothes drying.

Air conditioning was the thing... in home and auto!

We stayed cool in our room during the hottest part of the day.

Himself caught up on his journaling.

I chilled out on the plush bed and sips watermelon juice.

When we did get out, we made a trip over to the gold souk (and that's another story!).  It gave me a chance to see a bit of how the folks lived there.

The guys wore loose cool clothing, even shorts and T shirts.

The ladies... I truly don't know how they could not over heat.  

For the customs of the land, I was in a loose long sleeve shirt and I thought I'd roast walking from the parking lot to the building.

Way too hot.  Scary to think we were there during a 'cool' time!


  1. I've often wondered if people get acclimated to the heat when they're in it all the time.

    1. Yes, I somehow got acclimated to Indonesian weather, tho it was hot for me still. But when I came back to Poland (also in summer, temperatures bit below 30*C) I was still used to the hotness. My friend was "dying" at 27*C and I was happy it's so cool and I can breath. ;) Much of it was lost now again.

  2. I enjoy your travel logs! Have never been to many of the places you mentioned so find them interesting. I also have wondered how people deal with the heat in traditional garb.


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