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Thursday, August 13, 2015

From Metal Shelf to a Kitchen Tray

Back before we moved out to The Sticks, I bought a cute metal shelf for my kitchen.  Then Himself surprised me with another piece from the set with hooks... not even knowing I had the first piece.  How cool is that?!

However, once we moved out here I found I have much less wall space in the kitchen (even tho the kitchen is bigger...go figure!).  So my much loved shelves were put away until I could think of a way to use them.  

Then I forgot where I put them.  (Story of my life...)  But what was lost, now is found and I have figured out what to do with them.  

The first one (without the hooks) has become a tray.

I cleaned it up and gave it a couple coats of spray poly.

This week at Hobby Lobby knobs are 50% off.  I found some that are simple black iron.  I have some 'high octane' hot glue (I don't remember where I bought it but it holds better than regular hot glue sticks).  In short order my shelf now had four 'knobby' feet.

Humph... just noticed that outlet...  going to have to get a cutting board in front of that!

Stay tuned to see what I've done with the shelf with the hooks!

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