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Monday, August 3, 2015

Salvaged Slab Wood Garden Accent

One of our friends from church (and neighbor up the road) owns a portable saw mill.  And he has most generously offered to let us have whatever salvage wood we'd would like to have.

Free wood planks... well yes!

I have projects lined up in my mind!

The first one is this accent piece for our 'court yard'.

The space under the small kitchen sink window was just so empty.  I wanted something sizable to fill the area.

We took 2 planks and attached them across the back.  I love the rough look of the bark so we kept it on.  It leans against the house; we're not worried about it getting blown over.  That baby is heavy!

A bit of decorating with things I already had and it was done.  And for FREE!

Gotta love that!

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