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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Paws and/or hands

I'm working on my photography skills again, particularly with black and white.  Digital makes it easy in one way (a click and it is B&W) yet somewhat more difficult since one generally isn't THINKING black and white when a shot is taken.

And for an excellent shot you need to think in black and white.

I'm trying.

To help the learning along, I'm taking part in a photo challenge just for B&W photography.

I played around with this shot, taking it from many angles to get a photo of Persia's paws as the subject... but still have a good shot of her too.

I pop the photo into Black & White using Picasa, then I used the 'shadow' tool to bring up the contrast.  Then playing around I used the 'Orton-ish' tool.  Love the way it made the fur on her paws look as soft as it really is!

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