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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Norman Rockwell's World

A couple of weeks ago I surprised Himself with an outing to the local museum to see the 1972 documentary film "Norman Rockwell's World:  An American Dream" (which was excellent).  

(Please excuse the wonky angles in my photos.  There was so much glare and I did what I could to get the best shots I could.)

Then we visited the gallery in the museum to see an exhibit of photographs and memorabilia of Norman Rockwell.

The display was SO interesting!  Yes, that is John Wayne with him in the center photo.  And on the far right is Frank Sinatra.  

In his hometown of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  

A very chilled out Norman Rockwell!

OK... how awesome would it have been to get a Christmas card from the Rockwells?

Surrounded by some of his wonderful portraits.

There was also a display of many of his Saturday Evening Post covers.  A lot of them were well known.

And a few of them I'd never seen before.

Of course this iconic cover was on display.

Along with this photo of him working on it!

One of the things he said in the documentary was that people tried to get him to paint 'more realistically'.  He told them all 'no'.  That he painted the world as good and kind... as he wished to see it.

And aren't we glad he did?

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  1. Loved this post, Teri! So glad you got to visit this museum and share it with us. Norman Rockwell's work was wonderful and I loved his outlook on life.


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