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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What A Bargain!

In 2008 Himself and I were part of a mission trip to Tanzania.  On our last days there our group was back in Dar Es Salaam for a few days before leaving.  As part of that, we did a bit of shopping at the big wood carving market (a must see if you go to Dar!).

I did a bit of shopping but I didn't get much since I had done some very good shopping with the artists in Morogoro.  I was mostly helping friends bargain for what they wanted to buy.  I love bargaining and all the play back and forth.  Seems I am a rare one in that...

Before long it was time to get back on our bus... which is when the very best bargaining STARTS!

As we loaded up, the vendors were 3 deep at every window.  At a window across the aisle from me, a man was trying to get some of my friends to buy a box from him.  I looked over and really liked what I saw.  Instantly the bargaining started, even as the bus was slowly rolling towards the gate (slowly because it was still surrounded by the hawkers).

Back and forth we went until we settled on a price... $3!  As I dug out my money (and quickly!), all of a sudden the vendor decided he also wanted a bandana.  

A bandana worn by my friend Jim who was sitting next to the window!

A whole new round of bargaining started even as the bus was picking up speed.  I explained to the dude that Jim was NOT my husband and therefore I could not throw his bandanna into the mix.  

The vendor wanted that bandana.

I finally said "Forget it!" and went to sit down.  The vendor wailed in disappointment.

And Jim whipped off his bandana, grabbed the $3 from my hand, and passed both out the window as the dude (now running to keep up with the bus) passed the box inside the bus.

I was wide-eyed as Jim passed me the box and said "You didn't have to do that!"

Jim said to me, "It was worth the bandana for the story I'm going to tell!"

The whole bus gave us a round of applause for best shopping bargaining!

So here is my trophy.  

I love the carving on it.

The back is very simple.

The lid has a bit larger pattern.

There's plenty of room inside for tucking away a little tid-bit.

The wood must be very hard, as he seemed to have a difficult time getting the hinges screwed down.

So... do you think it was worth $3 and a friend's bandana?

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  1. I am with Jim, it was worth his giving up his bandana to be able to tell the story. Too funny, I could just picture that in my head! :-)

  2. What a fabulous story and a wonderful memory not only of a place but of a friend made on a trip! I loved Tanzania and Zanzibar. We didn't stop in Dars but had 5 wonderful days exploring the spice island of Zanzibar. Thanks for taking part in the challenge Teri! Keep them coming!

  3. What a beautiful box! Steal of the century I'd say (unless the bandana happened to be a designer original....). Great post.


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