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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas With The Babies!

Meant to get the Christmas photos up sooner, but I guess at Epiphany is good too!

Little Bird is getting so big.  This year she really noticed the ornaments for what they are and not just something ‘shiny’ to grab.

Little Hoss is still grabbing!  LOL He gets supervised visits to the tree!

Christmas morning was over at the babies’ house.  Little Hoss found an empty wrapping paper roll and was soon ‘getting’ Grandpa! 

Then Grandpa tried to sic him on Auntie!  … Thanks Dad…

And he taught Little Hoss that not only can you bop with the roll, you can make noise with it too.  We had a lovely ‘moose call’ concert for a while.

Soon it was time to open presents.  It’s a long reach down when the stocking is as tall as you are!

Little Bird got a snow globe from her Grandma and Grandpa.  She loves them.

Little Hoss is thrilled with his toy microphone.  But of course… it makes NOISE!

There’s a monkey in the house!  Bird likes to watch her TV programs sitting on her rocking horse, holding the stuffed toy of whatever character is on TV.  So now she has Curious George.  Looks like her Daddy is having as much fun as she is.

Bird loves horses.  (That’s my girl!!)  She gets to go see the horses up at Grant’s Farm and has really taken to the Clydesdales.  So when I saw this unbreakable Clydesdale I just had to get it for her.  Her first model horse!

This car ramp toy was a hit with both babies. 

Of course, empty boxes are great fun too!  (Ya know… I think kids would be completely happy if you shopped for them at U-Haul.  Boxes, bubble wrap, and big ol’ blankets…)

Grandma and Grandpa gave Little Bird a shopping cart and it was SO hard to wait for Daddy to put it together.

“Hurry up Daddy!  Curious George wants a ride!”

Happy baby girl!

The gifts we gave this year all came from Scotland.  A dancer doll for Little Bird…

And a rugby player boy doll for Little Hoss.

I found some soft hand knit caps in Galloway.  Little Hoss LOVED his.  Told Sis he looked like “Weird Harold” from the ‘Cosby Kids’!

Yep… Weird Harold…   LOL

Bird with her pink cap. 

For Dad I found a cap in our clan tartan.  Big J (BIL) got a tweed cap of Scottish wool.

Sis got a shawl in the tartan.  And Mom received a handmade purse of Harris Tweed. 

We received lovely presents too.  Thanks everyone!

Little Bird and I going over the holiday photos.  She is a mouse master!

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  1. Looks like a fun Christmas! There was a shopping cart at our Christmas, too. They seem to be a big hit!



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