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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hairy coos and Belties and Woolies… Oh My!

On our Scotland trip, one of the things that always made me smile was the critters.  Or more specifically… 3 critters. 

Highland Cows (coos)
I mean, seriously… how can you look at this face and not smile?

They come in blonde…

… red head…

… black.

And they have some impressive horns.

But no matter what, they are just CUTE!

Well… maybe not so cute if they are winning a stare down contest with you…

Belted Galloway Cows

AKA… Oreo cookie cows!

What a handsome bull!

Look at that perfectly curly hair.  He looks like he has a perm!

Two Original Oreos… and one with “Double Stuff”! 

And I found out that “Belties” come in grey too (they are actually a cross breed).  They are called “Blue Belties”.

Sheep were EVERYWHERE!  And they always look surprised to see you.

They pick the dumbest place to scratch an itch…

And the get into EVERYTHING!  Over and over we were told… “Make sure to shut the gate (or door) to keep the sheep from getting out (or in)!”

The newest look for wool cowls…

Sheep graffiti?  Genetically pre-dyed wool?  Hunter orange?  Tennessee fan?

I’ve heard of “blue blooded” but never “blue butted”!

Some of those sheep were real ‘rednecks’.  

Seriously tho, the paint jobs are how they mark who owns what sheep… a color ‘brand’ so to speak. 

And this is WHY they are painted… ya can’t keep them fenced in!  

So… have these three critters made you smile too?  J 


  1. Teri, those are adorable. I do soooo love the "coos." Oreo cows, I'd have to have on hand those cookies every time I saw one. So cute, never saw critters like that. Thanks

  2. Oh yes they have!!! Great photos!


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