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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On The Road: The Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

A view from our cottage (tho this photo is actually taken a bit south of it).   

In planning one of our drives about Galloway, we knew we just had to get over there to see it!

And we were not disappointed!  It is a lovely lighthouse and it has a museum too.  We didn’t get to go up in the lighthouse itself because it was closed for the season.  Bummer!

It dates to 1786!

Here’s what it looks like from above.  You park down that tarmac road and walk up to it.  On the far right is the foghorn. 

It was a very windy day (the day after our gale).  The lighthouse custodian said the winds had been up to 70+ the day before (doing some damages) and was gusting today at 50+ mph.  And it gusted a LOT!  I had to hide behind our car to stay stable enough to take this picture.

Isn’t the top pretty?

Here’s what the lens inside it looks like.

Meet Rosie… The Lighthouse Dog.  She wants you to know that it is all capitalized because she is very important.  Rosie is a Border Terrier.  And she is serious about her bright pink ball…

Looking from the lighthouse towards our cottage.  Too misty to actually see it.

OK… if you squint (and Blogger puts the photo up clear enough)... you can see just over the cliffs a faint land mass on the horizon.  

That would be Ireland.

And if you squint again… on this horizon is another land mass.  

That would be the Isle of Man.  

(This was one of the very few days that I was actually aggravated with the grey skies!)  

Before leaving this photo, note the lovely stone dyke. 

Let’s look a bit closer at the stones.  Hmmmm… what’s that patterning on it?

Snails!  Bunches of snails!

One of the workers at the lighthouse said some of the folks like to gather them up to eat.  

I’ll pass, thank you.  I’ve already sampled escargot.

The foghorn below the lighthouse.  I think we heard it in the cottage a few of those stormy nights!

It is big!

Himself hiked over there for some photos.  With the wind like it was, I didn’t feel like going. 

Yep… my husband…  He has a habit of doing stuff like this.  Remember… there were wind gusts up to 50 mph…  

(He ages me sometimes…  SIGH!  )

But he did get some nice shots of the lighthouse…

Love this angle.  Taken from the foghorn.

As the weather cleared, the lighting was very dramatic.

We even got a rainbow.

This is Gallie Craig Coffee House, a very nice café and gift shop at the lighthouse.  We had a nice lunch there.  Can’t remember what we had… but it was good!  

This photo is from the parking lot above it (between the lighthouse and the café).  From the other side, there are large windows and a big patio.  From there you see the view of my “looking at Ireland” photo.

You also see this… the southernmost point of Scotland.

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