Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Galloway: By Sea

As much as Galloway is beautiful countryside, it is also beautiful seaside. 

We spent a lot of time walking along beaches relaxing.

And exploring small harbors and the towns around them.

The harbor at Port William.  Remember I said the tide extremes were big?  Quite a few boats have these “legs” that they can stand on as the tide goes out.

Very clever!

Himself went down for a closer look and ended up having a long chat with the boat owner.  He says it was a good story and he’s going to write about it… and I can read about when he’s done.  Humph!

This is looking back from Port William towards our cottage.  You can see it on the far left almost at the end of the caravans.

To the south of Port Williams was this beach access.

It was a long way back up those steps…

… after spending hours climbing on the likes of these rocks!

Beautiful red stones. 

Himself with some of the stash of beach rocks that came back to Tennessee.

Never did see the critters that make these.

One day a gale blew in.  The seas were dramatic and wild.

We had just come thru there and got hit by a big whooshing wave!

So we stopped on the other side and watched other cars come thru.   

I really feel sorry for the people who buy that “Scotland For Dummies” book and skip coming to the Lowlands because they think there is nothing here.  

It’s so incredible.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Scotland would be so wonderful to visit some day. Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I've never seen boats with legs. :) Thanks for the tour!


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