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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Seaside Cottage in Galloway

Our final “unique stay” lodging was to stay in a seaside cottage.  This last week I wanted a totally relaxed pace.  Time to explore the area the other side of my Dad’s family came from… Galloway.

We found a wonderful cozy seaside cottage in Port William. 

It’s called the West Barr Cottage.  It’s owned by Ean and Joyce Stewart, who also own an adjacent ‘caravan’ park (in the US it would be called an RV park).  They were very accommodating hosts who helped us with whatever we needed. 

It was perfect.  Just like stepping into your very own home. 

Loved the kitchen!  Everything we needed was there. 

See that white cabinet on the right?  That is a “tankless water heater”.  I had heard about them and wondered how well they could work.  I now know… they are fantastic.  We never ran out of hot water… even taking showers right after each other. 

Here’s the double room.  There’s a dresser and closet behind me that you can’t see in the photo.

And the twin room. 

I absolutely loved those deep window ledges! 

We spent a lot of time out here on the sun porch.  Even the smallest amount of sun made it quite cozy.  We rearranged the furniture so we could sit and look out on the ocean.

The only ‘hitch’ was a couple of the doorways were a bit low…  Himself knocked his head several times.  I was *just* able to walk under without ducking… so they were right about 5’10” high.  Sis and Big J would have killed themselves here!

We had this lovely burn (stream) at the edge of the yard.  It sounded really nice. 

But THIS is what we were here for… the VIEW!

What a way to finish the day…looking out across Luce Bay at the lighthouse.

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