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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fill In The Blank...

There is a fun link up over at  called “Fill In The Blank Friday”.  The questions this week are on travel, so of course that caught my attention! 

1.  My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is Scotland.  

2.  China is somewhere I'd love to go someday.  

3.  I pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by looking out the window… isn’t that the reason to travel – to see something new?  (OK, on a plane I’ll read).   

4.  My three must-haves when I travel are my camera, my travel journal notebook, and my pocket knife.    

5.  My favorite travel companion is my husband.   

6.  The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is in Hungary when we got on the wrong train car.  (there train cars unhook from the main line and are switched to a new train instead of the passengers getting off at a station – which we did not know).  Although no one on the train spoke English, a sweet old man figured out we were expecting to go to a different city.  The resulting uproar as we got this figured out (as I said, no one spoke English) was so funny.  At least to me it was funny, I loved it.  Himself… ummm, not so much!  LOL  We did make it to the correct city.     

7.  The most exotic food I've ever tried while traveling is winkles (sea snails) in Scotland or maybe camel in Kenya… no, it has to be the owl shish kabob in Russia.  

8.  If I could live anywhere else, I'd live in MO near my baby niece and nephew.  If overseas, on Colonsay island in Scotland.    

9.  I have been to 38 states in the U.S.

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