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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Visit to a Living Nativity

As long as I can remember, a business in my home town has put a living nativity scene on their front lawn. 

I love the life-size figures. 

People come from all over to bring their children down to see it. 

The camels are about the right size too.

Nothing has changed in 45 years!

Except for the little people who are seeing it for the first time! 

Little Bird doesn’t know quite what to think about those camels.

The babies loved feeding the greedy donkeys…

…with a little help from Auntie and Mama.

Little Bird is fearless and loves giving pats.

This calf wasn’t going to miss out on free carrots.

She wasn’t as enthusiastic about the goat.  He was a bit grabby for her tastes. 

Little Hoss wasn’t real sure about the donkeys when they started getting pushy…

… and even less so after seeing that!

“Well Dad, we went over to the fence to feed them…”

“…and they were like…grabbing everything!”

"I just couldn't believe how rude they were acting!"

"And Wow!  They have BIG mouths!"

“I told them to back off!  Give me some space!”

Oh well, maybe he’ll be more excited about them next year…

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